5 Simple Tips for a Smooth Wedding

Weddings can be like hearing cats in the middle of a rodeo. I have seen the best of times and the worst of times. The best weddings have these 5 tips locked in and the worst just have not thought about them at all. Generally you have to become an event planner, mediator, and designer all within a day. It can be hard to achieve, but luckily you found this and you can say goodbye hard times with these 5 simple tips for a smooth wedding.

1. Preparation is Key

You wouldn’t rush into a burning building, right? Well, why rush into a wedding with no plan? Honestly, 99% of weddings all have some sort of preparation involved, but it the amount you give is the amount you will get back. If you just book the important stuff (venue, photographer, caterer, DJ) but don’t coordinate any of it, it will be doomed to fail. Taking the extra step to sit down with your fiancee at least once a week and discuss how planning is going will greatly decrease the chance of forgetting something. Also, if planning and organization isn’t your strong suit, find a wedding coordinator or friend looking to get into the business. With that, take advice from friends or family, but don’t let it be your guiding light. They will have great advice from the mistakes they make have made or their favorite adds. This is your day, it should be how you want it to be, and to make it happen it takes work.

2. Coordinating your Travel

Surprisingly, this is very important and goes a little into the preparation step. You will be so busy with getting ready and being rushed from one place to another. So who is driving you to the church? Who is driving you to the reception? How the heck are you getting home after having way to many appletinis? Booking a limo or bus service is an incredible investment and usually doesn’t cost to much (especially for the busses). With those booked you have one less thing to worry about on your bid day, and can even continue the party on the bus!

3. Create a Loose Timeline

A wedding timeline is the greatest tool in your pouch. You will be running into old friends, great aunt Suzy that you haven’t seen in 10 years, and much more coming across your way. It is easy to forget that you have to stay close to schedule, especially if the venue or certain vendors have time limits. Working with your Photogrpaher, DJ, or Wedding Coordinator will make this process super simple and easy. Plus, they will have tons of experience and find the best utilization of your time. We cannot stress how important it is to create a timeline!!! With that said, I have never seen a wedding run exactly on time EVER! Don’t sweat it! The timeline is more of a reminder of what is next and to keep moving. That you finish your ceremony exactly at 5:13pm is probably not going to happen, no matter what you do ahead of time. Keep it loose and go with the flow!

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4. Trust your Vendors

You have spent months and weeks vetting these people. If you choose them, you should be able to trust them to an extent. Right? If you hire a cheap incapable caterer, then you are probably going to have to hold their hand through the day. BUT, you are a smart and conscious person that knows an excellent vendor when you see them. You won’t, and shouldn’t, hire someone that you don’t feel confident in their skills, relationship with you both, and attitude. Since you did hire amazing vendors that have your best interest in mind at all times, you can totally give them the keys to the car and not expect them to come with just the rims intact. Trust your vendors 🙂

5. Have Fun!!!!

Most importantly, always always remember to have fun! You will only get one day that will be this perfect, that is a celebration of your love for one another. The day can really fly by, but take time to have fun, party, and enjoy the company of your closest friends and family.

We hope these 5 Simple Tips for a Smooth Wedding help you with your beautiful wedding day. If you have any further questions on our thoughts, feel free to reach out by clicking here. Also, if you have questions about our Photography services for Engagements or Weddings you can see what we offer here.

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