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Journaling Our Life

Wayfaring through life and the USA! These are a few peaks into our adventures together and with our most special friends! We always are doing something new. We hope that while we are Journaling Adventures and Memories that we can enjoy them for years to come. On top of a mountain, or taking a dive in the ocean we are always looking to create strong relationships, capture and share them! Our most recent goal is to visit all 59 National Parks of the United States of America. So far we have been to 5 Parks. It is a big goal, but follow along and I know we will make it with your support!

We hope you enjoy the posts below and be sure to check out more of our work at our Facebook and or Instagram.  If you are interested in having us take your pictures, reach out to us here!

Philly Model Session

Jessitrak and Old City Philly

August 31, 2017 / PORTRAIT

Old City Philly Model Session with Jessitrak Britt and I are a bit adventurous. We like to see new places, experience the new and different from time to time. It is funny how you can live next to a h...

NJ Lifestyle Photographer

Sophia in Brooklyn NYC

November 28, 2016 / FEATURED

Sophia in Brooklyn and the Art of Getting Lost Me and Brittany know enough about NYC to get by and be dangerous but there is always something new to see in the Big Apple. Sophia is one of the coolest...


Relient K, Needtobreathe, Switchfoot, & Matt Kearney Oh MY!

November 5, 2016 / MUSIC

Two Weeks of Concert Sessions! Four of my favorite bands all in a two week time period! Concert Sessions really get me going, they keep me on my toes and I try to do them as often as I can. This was ...

Disney World

Walt Disney World w/ the Darps

August 11, 2016 / DAILY DARPINO

DISNEY WORLD! It is so hard to put a Disney World trip into so many words. It was magical to say the least, and so much fun that we definitely will go again to say the most! Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Ani...


Mt. Rainer National Park w/ the Darps

July 31, 2016 / DAILY DARPINO

Mt. Rainier Well it has been a while, I have been so stinking busy with no time to write or think or go through pictures that have now gone to 4 months old. Nonetheless, this summer was great and jus...


Independence Square with the Darps

April 30, 2016 / DAILY DARPINO

Philadelphia Travels in Independence Square! Joshua and I covered the grounds of historic Philadelphia that our Founding Fathers once roamed!  Pretty sure we made history ourselves as the trip starte...


Statue of Liberty with the Darps

April 16, 2016 / DAILY DARPINO

Statue of Liberty with the Darps Hello World! haha Brittany and I were looking to take a trip. Something simple, cheap and breathtaking. We looked around for weeks really, and then talked about th...


First Snow Married 2016

January 30, 2016 / DAILY DARPINO

First Snow together being Married! There is just something great about snow! Especially when you have someone to enjoy it with, which is what we took full advantage of this past week. It is always fu...

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