New Jersey Photographers traveling the World!

Hey Y’all! We are the Darpinos! New Jersey Photographers and Videographers, we are based in the great states of NJ, PA, NY, and MD. We have been married since 2015 and we absolutely love married life. Something that we enjoyed about each other when we first met was how much we both enjoyed the visual arts. Brittany is a Graphic/Web Designer by trade and Josh is a Music Festival Manager by day, but grew up in the world of film/photography. When we first were dating we were so passionately captivated by Photography, how one can look back and rekindle that love or relationship again. We loved it so much we decided that we have to share this gift with the world! We knew to start photographing as much as we could and as often as we could. Now have been professional photographers for many years now, sharing in the love and happiness of numerous families and couples. We can’t wait to be apart of your life and capture your pivotal moments that you can share for an eternity.

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We both enjoying watching SpongeBob and rekindle our kid side again.

We hike when we can, and plan to see all of the National Parks of the USA. So far we have been to 8 and cannot wait to see the rest 😀

We both play a mean air guitar and air trumpet 😉

Avacados are life!

We have about 50 mugs, primarily because we love coffee and teas. 🙂

Our favorite place to relax is the Beach, usually the Southern NJ Shores

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