Philadelphia Travels in Independence Square!

Joshua and I covered the grounds of historic Philadelphia that our Founding Fathers once roamed!  Pretty sure we made history ourselves as the trip started off a tad humorous.  First we missed the train, then we hopped on another train, then after a few stops, we realized it traveled the opposite direction of Philadelphia.  This type of situation is a common enough occurrence followed by my grinning husband, “classic”.

When we finally made it into the City of Brotherly Love, our first stop was Independence Hall.  Unfortunately the tickets were sold out.  However, we were able to get some stellar shots of the exterior.  Absolutely stunning.  We’ve also made our way to the Liberty Bell, Benjamin Franklin’s court, Old City Hall, The National Constitution Center, and Carpenters’ Hall.  The National Constitution Center has one of the original copies of the Constitution (the original is at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C.).

Also, Benji and I hit a rough patch.




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