Portraits In Princeton University and the Winter We Didn’t Know was Coming

Myself, Brittany, and Paige met through a mutual acquaintance of mine. Brittany and I were eagerly wanting to get out and shoot as the winter was still pushing through. So we decided to meet up and do some Princeton Portraits, which is such a beautiful city!!! Tons of history, community, shops and good eating. We got there, went to Princeton University, and thought the weather would hold out, not so much. It began to snow for about a half an hour, it was so pretty with the town, but we were freezing! We were shaking so cold, with a dusting on the ground. All that said, everyone was a trooper and decided to push through, and we got some great shots. It is hard not to with someone like Paige and a beautiful town. We were so happy we could do this together and excited to do more with our new friend 🙂

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