Sophia in Brooklyn and the Art of Getting Lost

Me and Brittany know enough about NYC to get by and be dangerous but there is always something new to see in the Big Apple. Sophia is one of the coolest cats I know of and she works in New York on a day to day basis. We got to talking and even though it was freezing out, we wanted to get out and take some pictures.

We met up and decided to explore Brooklyn a bit. It was our first time there and Sophia ended up being our guide haha. Brooklyn is such a cool and quaint place. I can see why the “hipsters” flock here 😀

We went up some random streets, explored Dumbo and parts of the Brooklyn Bridge. We got lost a few times, but the great part about that area is every street has a great quality to it, even when it is 20 degrees out. If you ever get a chance to come out to New York, definitely stop by the world of Brooklyn.

We had so much fun, grabbed a bite to eat at Five Guys and called it a day. I couldn’t have been more happy with he way the pictures turned out. Although, it is easy when your subject is the epitome of cool.


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