Statue of Liberty with the Darps

Hello World! haha

Brittany and I were looking to take a trip. Something simple, cheap and breathtaking. We looked around for weeks really, and then talked about the Statue of Liberty nonchalantly, not really considering it. She had never been there, like most people, and I was there a long time ago. We went about our day mulling it over, and really forgetting all about it. The next morning, I woke up and said “Let’s go to the Statue of Liberty”.

We had no plans, nothing holding us back, and it was a gorgeous day! We kept saying, “Is this really happening? Are we doing something sporadic?” haha. What a trip it was to gone on with a gorgeous girl. Not only was it sunny, but the lines weren’t that long, AND we ended up learning so much about Ellis Island. I could write a whole novel on the things we learned over there, but they already exist written by others. There was so much hope, heartbreak, disease, despair, and joy all at once. A truly emotional place.

The Statue of Liberty is simply breathtaking. You can never really prepare yourself for when you come around the island and come face to face to it. There is just some incredible quality about it that gives you goose bumps. And to think that many of our grandparents, great grandparents, and great great grandparents came over on the boat and went by this stunning symbol is astounding! It is nothing but a wonder of the United States of America and I can’t say how glad we were that we had gone there. Overall, this trip was fantastic and we hope you get to get a chance to make it over there to!




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