Mitch and Sophia’s Vintage Engagement

My family and Sophia’s family have known each other forever. Literally since before either of us were born. They are such good people! Incredibly nice, caring, and servant minded. Sophia reach out about a vintage engagement session and Britt was ecstatic! We love the vintage flair in our clothes, furniture, and general style so we were excited for us to photograph them. Princeton is such a nice spot with tons of history, so it was our nature choice. Although the weather took a turn for the colder and we had to get through the shots as quick as possible. Sophia and Mitch were such troopers and stuck it out till the end, through the bitter January cold. We love the shots we got and couldn’t be happier for their life together 🙂

I hope you enjoy the photos below and be sure to check out more of our stuff on Facebook and Instagram!



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